Thursday, April 24, 2008

Building Extra Sports 30, cont'ed

Back to step #3, the wing protection plywood was ready now. Drill two 4mm holes for the wing screws.
Fit test: The wing fit nicely after been secured .

Cowling installation step #14

With the help of the transparent dummy cowling supplied, simply cut the dummy cowling to fit the engine and exhaust pipe, then slide onto the actual cowling and use as template to mark the openings required for final cutting.

The pic above shows that the cowling was roughly cut for the openings of carburator, cylinder head, muffler outlet and needle valve.

The rough edges can be smoothen either by sandpaper or grinding stone. Here I used grinding stone for easy and quick job

I skipped the installation of fuel tank, throttle linkage, rudder and elevator linkage. Note, I used a bigger 260cc fuel tank from Dubro for GS40 engine

Also skipped cockpit, canopy and pilot installation

Cowling,prop,spinner and muffler installed

Control throws step #22.

For this moment, I followed the throws as per the manual instruction. I will adjust during test flight later




CG step #23

The manual instruction recommended the ideal CG position is 80mm(3.15 in) behind the leading edge
measured at where the wing meets the fuselage. I found this Extra sports 30 to be too nose heavy, may be because of the big muffler and Super Tigre GS40 Ring engine. So I position the battery and the receiver further back but it won't help. Lastly I added some weights at the tail. I hope this building steps can be used for reference, please do some comments if I did mistakes.

That's the end of building an Extra 300 Sports 30.

I will try to post the maiden flight report, flight characteristics, fine tuning etc., insya Allah.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Building Extra Sports 30, cont'ed


Measure and cut the covering as per the instruction manual. Epoxy the plywood and G-clamp for stronger bond. Here I used 4 minutes epoxy. * Carefully cut the covering and not the balsa. This can weaken the wing and might come off during flight. Once the epoxy set, drill two 4 mm holes as per instruction manual for wing mounting screws.


Back to step #4, glue together the 3 pcs of wing servo tray. I used 30 minutes epoxy. Cut a little bit at the 4 corners of the servo compartment as shown and glue the completed servo tray in it.

I skipped the elevator installation. - refer to aileron

Cut away the covering

Follow the instruction manual. Dimension from mid firewall to trailing edge +- 90cm left and right(A=A1) When done, marked and epoxy. (30 min. epoxy)

Use rubber bands to keep it tight and bond stronger.


Test fit before epoxy. if OK, use 30 min epoxy. * Make sure it is 90 degrees to stabilizer.

Rudder installation: refer to aileron installation.

TAIL GEAR step #10

Measure and cut under the rudder to make a groove.

1mm pilot holes pre-drilled. I relocate and drill another holes to match the rudder for perfect fit. Epoxy the wire to the rudder.

Next fix the wire clamp. Just drill and fix the screw and nut supplied.

I skipped the installation for elevator, rudder push rods and the horns because it is so simple.

Below, engine mount installed.

As I used a 2 - stroke GS40 Supertigre ring engine, I installed the engine mount upsidedown.

GS 40 installed in placed. Pushrod installation need drilling on firewall to match your engine used. To be cont.'ed

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Building Extra Sports 30

*Before assembling this Extra Sports 30, please read the instruction manual throughly.

MAIN WING (step #1&2)

Mark the hinges in the middle as shown. Insert hinges up to the line marked to hinge slots in the wing and use CA or superglue. After the glue sets, fit test the aileron for perfect fit before glueing. If OK, then glue and align properly. Put more glue inside the linkage hole for best aileron control. The same method also can be applied to elevator and rudder installation.

Before glueing the wing halves together, remove the excess covering from the inner wing cross section. Next screw in the aileron plastic horn bracket to the aileron wire. Remember to apply more epoxy into wing tube to prevent from coming off during flight. G-clamp the wing halves together and leave overnight. I used slow set epoxy here for stronger bond. Any small gaps can be filled with epoxy later.

While waiting for the wing to set, skip to Step #5.


Remove and peel-off the covering. Screw- in the landing gear and apply threadlocker. Next, install the wheels with screws,washers and nuts supplied. Remember to threadlock the wheels lock nut. I don't used the wheel pants because due to our grass flying field.

Landing gear secured and threadlocked.

Monday, April 21, 2008


Yea!! Finally I received my new Extra sport 30 this morning from CH Hobbies.

Very nice box. It's ARF!!

These were the parts inside the box. All parts were arranged nicely and packed in sealed plastic bags. All hardwares included even with painted pilot.

I will start building it tomorrow. I will post the building method step by step. Stay tuned....

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday 20.4.2008

Kita minum dulu.....

Jai, sexy wah ko makai seluar ah, macam di Hawaii.....

Unexpected tent set-up....

New look canopy

Atan's TT Raptor 50

Manaf's T-Rex 500

Futaba GY-401 set-up on T-Rex 600E

Test flight in progress....

Still unseccessful.....

Ready for the first flight of the day

Steady you Choy!....

Rare species

Kherul's Esky broken metal gear servo due to crashed.Pilot survived. Still under investigation. ''BLACK BOX'' not found yet, khik, khik....

Atan Jr. was on site, the future RC pilot

Pitch curve set-up

My 25 size Robin after flight

Jai's T-Rex spoolling-up....

Atan Jr. looks boring, "Abah, bila balik?!"

Achoy....Teropong....Jangan tak teropong.... Ada nampak anak bulan?

Berapa pitch?

CONCENTRATION is one of the major factor in heli FLYING.....

Can't recall the name of this heli.... That's why I called THE RARE SPECIES!


Adang tah meneropong atu Choy, ambil foto dulu nah....

My Titan 50: New colour scheme. Rate my heli....

One of our Test Pilot

Manaf Jr., the youngest RC pilot in Belait.....

Hey Manaf, look at me.....

I'll show you how to set-up the pitch curve....

T-Rex 450 during set-up

Santai aje....


Align carrying case

Searching for hidden things.....

Nice and handy Flyermate Portable Pit Basic purchased from CH Hobbies....

Packed-up, ready to go home

Majal jua Choy?, "Awu, alum dapat alum beranti...."


What's the problem again?

"Choy, balik!" Adang tah, kan ujan hari!!

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