Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fun 28.6.2008

Ok kah bro?

Tachul first flight June 2008

Align LIPO burst after the crashed, note, the smoke....

Burnmarked at the battery/receiver tray, almost burnt the receiver!

Tachul's Raptor Titan 50 crashed, followed by burst LIPO.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Just for fun 26.6.2008

Tuning TT 36 engine

Jangan tunggang-tunggang, bahaya tuu...

Filling-up fuel

Atan's Raptor Titan 50 in hover, pom pom pom... grenti...

Macam pop yeh yeh...

My Titan new canopy decal, on flame....

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday Funfly with a new TT Mini Titan 15.6.2008

Jai, Atan and Kherul

Apa tu bro.....kaos kah?

Kherul TT Mini Titan with full metal head

All metal tail pitch control and grips

Nampak Jai?

It's Zagi time.....

Carbon fibre main blades, note the shinny metal parts

Carbon fibre tail boom and fins

Very stable hover and Fast Foward Flight

Landing on Mini Helipad

Under slung paddle

Mini Helipad

Atan on handycam. Bah Kherul.... invert tia....

Kherul controlling the Mini Titan in full concentration

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