Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunday Funfly

Manaf's Trex 500 after flight

My Caliber 30, Raptor Titan 50 and field equipments

Are you ready? Action....!

Spitfire landed on the roof, he he he...

Achoy in control

Kherul, concentrate!

Onsite workshop

Sunday, February 17, 2008

What a muddy Sunday morning

It was raining the whole day yesterday. Our flying site became muddy, but we don't care!

Fly! Fly! Fly!

"Atan! Help!!, get me out of the mud!!...

My lovely rappy 50

"Atan, is it for sale?", - Kherul

I want to show you my new skill today.

Canopy installed and I'm ready.........

I try to fly my new Trex 500 today...

Unfolded the the main rotor blades.

You have two lipos, please give me one......

Right side view

Hi, I am doctor Achoy, the Trex specialist... he, he, he....

Hey, don't leave me alone...!

Where are everybody?

Let me hold the radio for you....

Kherul, I can't do much with your MODE 1 radio control system!

Achoy, what are you trying to say? Are you drinking this morning?

Kherul's Esky view from top

From left: Achoy, Azrc, Kherul (newbie just joined), Atan and Manaf

From left:Achoy, Kherul, Jai, Atan and Manaf

Kherul preparing his Esky

Why is my Esky won't lift up? Oh, no wonder, it's stuck in the mud!....

Manaf's new Trex 500

Left side view........


Ready to take-off

Look at the landing skid, stucked in the mud!

Trex 500 just lift off!

Hover nice and stable.....

Achoy's Trex with new canopy

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