Saturday, October 25, 2008


Jasni,Jai, Shukri and Manaf at the back
"Bila start RC lagi Jas?.... Keluarkan tah dari hangar heli sama airplane ah....., Ujung-ujung MUMUT kayunya...."

Toolbox and field equipments scattered around..... Jual kah?

Inverted toh....

Inverted, lower Madi, lower!!!.....

Tachul, heli di dapan, bukan di belakang, hehehe....

Jai, don't left your heli behind. Kalau inda beguna, bagi aku..... Khik, khik...

Serious jua?.....

The Grey Skull.... Ganas usulnya....

Looking by side

Madi's new colour scheme canopy

Sunday, October 19, 2008

RCAB FUNFLY 2008 @ TANAH JAMBU, 19.10.2008

My kids, from left Malik 1o and Haziq 8, note the size of the Cub....

Erwan fuelling his tubine jet

Me preparing my flight

My eight years old Robin still performing

Applaused to Jerry for safe and happy landing

Erwan and Jerry in action

Up, up and away....

Low slow turn

There she goes....

Aligning to runway and ready to pick-up airspeed

Taxi and U-turn

Entering the landing strip

What a pulling power!!

Hold her tight!!

Jerry cranking the engine

Preparing the Cub

Nice detail scale fuselage

Velocity from Thunder Tiger

My family

RCAB sponsored drinks..... hehehe.....

From distance away

Spitfire on display

Tents provided

The runway

RCAB 2nd successful Fun Fly 2008.... See you all at the next Fun Fly in year 2009.

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