Sunday, November 30, 2008

Extra Sport 30 maiden

After setting the carb for both high and low speed, the Thunder Tiger GP-42 is very easy to tune. Break-in with just two tanks. As Thunder Tiger GP-42 was made with high tech CNC machine, no prolong break-in is needed. I pointed it down the runway. I taxied it and found it need right correction on the tail wire dragger for it to roll straight. After the correction was made, I pushed the throttle to bring it to it's airspeed, it only need a few up elevator trim and right aileron trim to get the four corners levelled. I did a couple of figure eights around the field, I tried a low slow passby. Surprisingly it glides in good characteristics! No tip stalled was observed. Immelmann turn are also good. Thanks to Thunder Tiger GP-42 for it's good high and idle speed responds.

Loops and rolls were look very nice. I tried to climb-up and made spin/roll dive. The spin rate was very fast but predictable. Inverted flight also very stable with just a little down elevator. After eight minutes of flying, I lower down the throttle and made a base leg turn for landing approached. This Extra Sport 30 was very easy to align with the runway. It glides a few inches of the runway and touched down safely. I made three flights today.

Side by side with Kerol's Sport 40 after the maiden flight.

Kerol and Achoy

Achoy's Trex 450

Kerol took video while Achoy did the actions, hehehe

Achoy did low inverted hover with his Trex 450

Lower and lower

RC excavator, hehehe.....

Monday, November 24, 2008

Completed Extra Sport 30

Completed Extra Sport 30 with decals. Next will be break-in the TT GP-42 Engine and maiden flight.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Extra Sport 30 building in progress cont.

Vertical/horizontal stabilizer fins epoxied

Servo tray installed

Rear tail wheel installed

Thunder Tiger GP-42 engine installed at 45 degrees

Throttle, rudder and elevator servos pre-installed

Aileron servo

More pics next.....

23.11.2008 @Lumut

Alum cukup randah, randah lagi....

Macam main simulator.....

Those RC pilots

22.11.2008 @ Lumut

Friday, November 21, 2008

Extra Sport 30 building in progress

Main wing and stabilizers out of the box

Rudder and elevators hinged and epoxied

Main anding gear and wheels installed

Both wing halves fixed and epoxied - I used slow set epoxy to allow epoxy to absorb into the wood for strong bond

Clamped and leave it overnight

Vertical fin and horizontal fin epoxied to fuselage.

More to come with my next post.

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