Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Site Survey at Dewan Serba Guna, Mukim Labi 30.6.09

Jai and Atan

Me and Atan

About 30+ minutes travel from Sg. Liang. We will be fly here....

At the back side of Dewan

Manaf did some maneuvers

Here will be our static display

Big area for flying but not further right, due to high tension cables above
Manaf after test flight

Manaf and Ketua Penyelaras Awg. Hj Asmali Hj. Mohamad(PAMODA)

Rumah Persinggahan

Date: 5th July, 2009, Sunday
Venue: Dewan Serba Guna Mukim Labi
Time: 9.00 or earlier

* To those interested to join the event, pls contact me via sms or Brunei-rc forum by this Friday.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Owen' brand new Vibe 90

Cool rotor head

Come on Jai.... Don't be bored.....

Haaa.... Received sms from a girlfriend ha.....

Atan on the simulator

Atan's electric Spitfire

Some models on the other table

Jai doing some demonstrations

Andy's glider

Major Irwan flying in the sim while Owen watching from the back

Owen on the sim

Andy, don't look too close or else the heli will bite you!!!!
Beware of the Vibe 90....

Thunder Tiger Mini Titan SE

Ruhaizmi (Duckster) on flight simulator

Atan, Andy and Ridzuan...

Irwan doing some cleaning on his heli
Major Irwan, Duckster, Melvyn, Owen and Azrc

Some electrics on display

Manaf on the sim

From left: Atan (rhythm), Azrc (drummer), Owen (bassis), Major Irwan (guitar) and Duckster (our manager, hehehe....)

Highly talented RC pilots..... Bukan saja main RC, main alat music pun boleh.... Believe It or Not!!!

Today in history..... The only RC pilot band boys in Brunei....
Boleh masuk Juara Kugiran tahun depan ne.... LOL....

Also thanks to Hj. Zaini for lending his equipments to us for almost an hour.... I supposed...

Andy and Johnny disscussing something......

Manaf looking at his heli.... Ok kah bro?

Jai attended the spectator

Owen's mugi

Major Irwan on the move...

Nizem, repair again?

Owen watching Shukri



Khairul Hatah
Major Irwan

Thanks again to all who participate in the Road Show.

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