Saturday, September 27, 2008


My Titan 50

This MAVRIKK CNC Aluminium & Carbon Fibre Tail Case Set for Raptor 30 or 50, V1 or V2 (Titan 50). Uses existing pulleys, shaft and slider.

Kit included:
1 - Aluminium T/R Case Body
2 - carbon Fibre Side Frames w/Bearings
1 - Bellcrank with Molded Insert Bushing
1 - Bellcrank Mounting Bracket
1 - 20mm Spacer w/Tapped Ends
2 - 8mm X 5mm Pulley Spacers
1 - 11mm Brass Bushing
1 - 2 X 16mm Hex Bolt
1 - Link Ball & 2 X 8mm Phillips Head Screws
2 - 3mm Lock Nuts
2 - 3x30mm Hex Bolts
6 - 3x6mm Button Head Bolts
2 - 3x8mm Button Head Bolts
1 - 2x6mm Hex Bolts

Monday, September 22, 2008

Some pics taken by Manaf Jr.


Panas eh..., baik jua ada kem....

Shukri piloting his 700N

New from box....

Shukri's 700N

Those KBians fyers.....

My rappy 50 just took-off

Zufri our Test Pilot for Manaf 600N

Madi prepare for his flight

On "STANDBY MODE" kah Syukri?....

Capt. Shukri do some settings for Madi's new Trex 600N

Me doing some maneuvers.....

My rappy 50 in action

Special thanks to Manaf Jr for taken these photos.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday morning Funfly at KB 21.9.2008

Tachul's Trex 600N, nice canopy....

Busy jua Shukri....

What a pity. Kerol's Trex 500 crashed during inverted maneuvering..... Maaan.... By the way, nice try Kerol....

Kerol fly his Zagi

Heavy rain and wet all over..... Thanks to Shukri and Kerol for providing the tents

Tachul refuelling his 600N

Shukri attempting flight his Freya 60, watch by Atan, the Air Traffic Controller....hehehehe

Discussing something?

Madi gave a hand while Shukri starting his Hirobo Freya 60 installed with OS 90

Atan prepare his flight

Atan's Raptor 50

Jai, Madi and Shukri

Zuf, rilex jua.... Santai...

My Zagi

From left: Zai's 600E, Madi's 600N, my Raptor 50, my Caliber 30 with Raptor canopy and Zufri's Raptor 50

Some helis fleet photoshots

Thanks to: Zufri, Nizem and family for coming to KB. Hope to fly RC with you all again.

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