Friday, February 5, 2010


An amazing quality kit, with excellent features and an advance design.
The Aeolus is a Nitro .50 size gas helicopter that will push the limits of your sport and 3D flying abilities.
Featuring single-axle CCPM input control system is one of the most effective designs at minimizing control interaction and reducing wear and tear on the servos.
Building this kit is fun and easy, the quality fitting components and hardware make it a joy to build and taking you no more than one evening to be flight ready.
The engine mount is a practical, modular design and made for speedy installation and service. With a pop of throttle linkage, fuel feed line and fourteen screws the engine and clutch assembly separate from the airframe. There is no need to remove any base plate or the landing gear.

The AHF-50s quality is equal to that of any Japanese or European brand. Plastics moulding and alloy machining are all within tight tollerances.
Even the fussiest of die-hard expensive helicopter pilots will be unable to fault the quality and design of this machine.
Be ready to dent egos and put some noses out of place with the well priced but superb quality
AHF-50 at your next club meeting!
Type: .50 size glow powered 3D Pro Helicopter
Control System: 120° CCPM
Rotor Blade Length:
Key Features.
The Advanced engine mounting design allows easy engine removal and more efficient power transmission.
The highest power to weight ratio available with a minimal takeoff weight as 3kg and its huge pitch stroke, which is 13 degree both plus and minus, gives you most outstanding 3D explosive strength.
Clutches with a single-direction bearing are fixed by double bearings.This improves the precision and efficiency of power transmission, and reduces the vibration.
The rudder rod is constructed of light fiber thereby reducing distortion in the transmission and allows for very acurate tail rotor control.
A 420CC gasoline tank completes the perfect combination of furious flying and steady performance.
52 high-precision bearings guarantee excellent performance.
For a more reliable power transmission, the single-direction bearing in rotary table of the principle axis is well protected by vertical double bearings.
Product Spec.
Length: 1335mm
Height: 408mm
Width: 208mm
Gear ratio: 8.5:1:4.5
Main rotor diameter: 1348mm
Tail rotor diameter: 263mm
Flying weight: Approx 3000g

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