Monday, May 25, 2009

Building a new zagi

Cut from 15mm foamy. Bottom side with 2mm aluminium rod to stiffen it. Stay tune....

Monday, May 18, 2009

Miri City Funfly 2009 - 1.5.2009

Brunei participants from left: Axenz, Manaf, Khairul Hatah, Madi, Shukri and Nizem

Helis lined-up

King Cat with turbine engine

Warbirds on display

Khairul Hatah posing

Giant scale models


Japanese Mitsubishi Zero Fighters

Scale fuselages


Corsair canopy close-up


Mitsubishi Zero Fighter

Scale Fix wings on display

Miri City Funfly 2009

Date: 1st May, 2009

Venue:Kuala Baram (Miri Port Road)

** Special thanks to Khairul Hatah & Manaf for these beautiful photos. **

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Morning @ KB

Some pictures taken on 17.5.2009 at Pandan 8, KB with TJRC Flyers. The day was calm and cloudy. Thanks again TJRC Flyers for coming over to KB.
From left: Khairul, Madi,Nizem & Rahman (standing)

Everybody busy....

Shukri and Nizem

Irwan and Duckster working on the tail

The only plane flying that morning, my Champion 30L

Atan ready to fly

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