Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tanah Jambu 30.3.2008

Engine performance test before flight

EP airplanes

Ep biplane

Rappy Heli

High wing trainer

Prepare for flight

Me and my children, the future RC pilots, khik,khik....

A moment after my flight

My wife and children

Me starting the engine

Zufri's EP glider


Another 3D

Some pics taken. The day was fine, not sunny with moderate wind speed. Very easy and predictable landings. I brought along my wife and three of my children - my supporters.... he he he.... Insya allah I'll bring my other planes and helis next time to fly @ Tanah Jambu.

Friday, March 28, 2008

GWS Zero EP400 Assembled

Brushed 400 motor with gearbox and 3 servos installed . Modified ailerons. Some more bits to be installed, pushrods and esc. Stay tuned for the next steps....

Monday, March 24, 2008

Tanah Jambu 23.3.08

The first time I flew here at Tanah Jambu. The flying site was big. Me and Jai really like to fly there again....

Everybody was busy preparing for the flight

On the ground preflight check


Chris, make sure you tune it right.... He he he....

Jai, nyasal inda membawa Trex

My OS 25 powered Robin from Pheonix Models.... Almost 10 years old!....It penetrated the sky for 3 times and landed safely that day!

Starting the engine of PD51

Steady lah you Chris

Nice looking Trainer

3D Foamy

Manaf, bila lagi you fly solo?


Thunder Tiger Raptor

Just like in the simulator lah....

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