Friday, January 29, 2010

HK450 Trex clone 100% completed

New CF tail fins

Out from plastic bag and need to be sanded smooth all the sharp edges

Sanded smooth

Installed and perfectly fit

A new fibre glass canopy

Spektrum 2.4G DX7/AR7000 Rc system

Trial Hobby King AVCS 401B Head Lock gyro

Carbon fibre tailboom support

Motor: Turnigy Typhoon 450H 2215H 3550kV
Rotor head: CopterX CNC
Tailcase: CopterX CNC
Canopy: HK fibre glass
Main blade: 325 Carbon Fibre
Main frame: 1.5mm carbon fibre
ESC: TowerPro 40H
UBEC: Turnigy 5A
Cyclic servos: Turnigy 1440A 4.4g/1.0kg./0.10sec
Tail servo: MKS DS8910 AVCS 760us/0.054sec

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Assembling HK450 upgrade(450SE)

Completed 450 V2 SE kit

Copter X CNC metal parts

MKS DS8910/ 760us Digital Servo/ 2.0kg/ 0.054 sec/27g

Assan 760us servo adaptor

Carbon fibre rod tailboom support

Metal motor mount

Partially assembled carbon fibre main frame

Metal tail pulley bearing blocks

Metal tail casing and tail blade grip

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