Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Raptor 50 Titan clutch broken!

When you turn the rotor head and you feel it dragged or you have difficulty to idle your engine or the rotor head spooling while idling...., check the clutch. It happened to me, what a surprised!!!.... the clutch was cracked and broken!!.... Lucky I got another used one from my flying buddy, Achoy. Thanks Achoy....

26.1.2009 morning at G/17

Still setting-up the 500

Kerol's brand new Trex 500

Kerol maiden

Jai's 600E, below Jai's 600N

Her first flight in 2009!
Spooling-up the blades....

This is Kerol's first electric heli, E-sky Belt CP

Friday, January 23, 2009

Gyrokite..... Very interesting.....Fun.....


Duckster prepare for his flight

Duckster in action

After flight

Jai and Madi

Madi, wear Align shirt next time. Baru ngam...., hehehe....

Tachul and Duckster watched while Madi flew his 600N

Madi's 600N


Achoy's TT Raptor 30 converted to TT Raptor 50 Titan. Good job....

Tachul's BEAM.... Note, the Scorpion sticker

Thanks to AirforceWan, Duckster and *Yanrc*- not in the pics

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year's Flight at Lumut 4.1.2009

Starring.... from left, The Head Hunter, He-Man and Janggo-Man..... Khik, khik, khik

Shukri in action


Tiga Abdul.... Hehehe....

Madi's Greyskull

Tachul in action

Jai, "Tuntutlah ilmu walau sampai ke negeri Cina...." Hehehe....
Side view of Shukri's customised 90 heli

Bright colours

Front view

Rear view

Nice tail

Mixed parts

Is this Align?

Is this Hirobo?

I can't tell, what heli is this....??!!

Achoy and Trex 450

Shukri's Futaba T14MZ

Tachul's Curtis Youngblood Main Rotor Blades and Paddles

DO NOT DISTURB. Everybody is busy!

Jai is reading the Scorpion Instructions Manual

There's something special about this Redline crankshaft....

Jai and Achoy busy setting-up the Scorpion ESC

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