Sunday, August 31, 2008

Photoshots 31.8.2008

Atan, Manaf and Tachul

The fleet

From left: Manaf, Jai, AZRC, Tachul and Atan

Atan with his Raptor Titan 50

It's me, AZRC

Kasama metal rotor head

Metal tail case and rotor grips

The fleet of nitro and electric


Tachul prepare his Trex 600N

A moment after take-off

Low, slow passby

Tachul and Atan at the back

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

TT Champion 30L almost done.....

Tail gear assembly

Rudder and elevator linkages

Throttle, rudder and elevator servos linked. Some more bits need to be installed like the receiver and switch harness

Aileron servo installed....

I will post the full assemble TT Champion 30L

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jai's brand new 600N with DSX9

New DSX9

Jai do some set-up, ready to break-in the new TT Redline

Original canopy

Firing-up the Redline, pom pom pom.... Grenti tu bro....

The new Redline

Fully carbon fins

610 Funkey carbon blades


Side view

Front view

Blade to be installed


TT Champion 30L rebuilding Continues.....

Stabilizer fins installed. Rudder is next....

Rudder was epoxied and tail gear installed

Completed tail

Coming up....

Fixing linkages

Monday, August 25, 2008

Sunday Funfly

Nice tent, many thanks to Kerol

Some Kerol's aircrafts

Busy Shukri setting-up on Madi's new Trex 600N

My normal and simple field equipment

My favorite sport plane

Tachul's Cap and equipments

Tachul's Cessna, nice built airplane and nice to fly too

Jai preparing for his 600E

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