Saturday, May 24, 2014

Walkera QR X350 Battery Monitoring bypass for longer flight time

First of all, thanks to Randall Lee who discovered of doing this modification. This modification is only for QR X350 and not really sure for Walkera QR X350 Pro. I had tried this very easy and safe for the MCB. No added weight and no UBEC to be used. With this modification, your Walkera QR X350 will no longer drop from the sky due to low voltage cut-off!! But purchasing Low Battery Alarm is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to safe your lipo or you can use a timer. Once the alarm was ON at 3.6V per cell and land your QR X350 as soon as possible to prevent further battery power dropped. Never drained the battery  below 3.3V per cell and you will damage the lipo.

 Low battery alarm or any low battery monitoring device (some with digital display available) is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

First remove the plug from the Check Power of the MCB as shown.

Make sure disconnect the power/lipo and cut the white and red wire.

Remove the insulator on both white and red wire then connect together. By doing this, it will bypass the LVC. I recommended to solder the wires for security.

A closer look...

Use shrink tube or insulation tape to prevent any short circuit.

Lastly REMEMBER to plug in back to Check Power port or else the board has no power. Secure the wires with cable ties and put back the cover and props. You are done!!!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Walkera QR X350 setup with Futaba T9CAP radio

Walkera QR X350 setup with Futaba T9CAP Radio MODE 2
Transmitter Module: Frsky 2.4G V8FT
Receiver:  8 Chnls Frsky 2.4G V8FR (HV)
Here I like to share the setup using this radio and I believe that there is no one ever did and share in the web forum. So far, it works fine for me.  Follow these steps:
Connect the Main Control Board to the receiver as per QR X350 instructions manual:
RX        MCB
Ch 1 – Aileron
Ch 2 – Elevator
Ch 3 – Throttle
Ch 4 – Rudder
Ch 5  - Gear
Ch  6 AUX – AUX2
Ch 7 AUX - *spare
Ch 8 AUX- *spare
On the T9CAP radio:
Assigned the 3 position switch C or G for Manual Mode, Hold Mode and One key go home.(you can use any switch you like)
Select the Parameter to ACROBATIC(not helicopter)
Ensure Aileron, Elevator, Throttle and Rudder in REVERSE!!.. Keep the rest of the channels in NORMAL.
In the Menu, go to:
(It should be as follow)
 Scroll to:
CH5--SW-C (or select any switch)

By default, the 3 positions switch will activate the Normal Mode (switch up), Hold Mode (switch center) and One Key Go Home- (RTH) (switch down)
For Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC) Flight, simply choose CH6-SW-B (or select any switch)

Have fun!!

* I did not touched anything in Dual Rates, Expo, End point and others. Just leave them as default.

My Walkera QR X350 quadcopter (PNF)

This is my new drone. I never fly any multirotors  before. For the first time I flew this thing, nothing difference from flying rc helicopter!! The only thing, this quadcopter is very stable and packed with GPS. I like this quadcopter. Next, I will post the setup using my own radio Futaba T9CAP, 9 chnls radio with Frsky 2.4G V8FT RF Module and Frsky 2.4G V8FR 8 chnls receiver.

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