Thursday, August 27, 2009

Set-up Man's 450

Apa di renungkan tu Man? Ok tu.... Jai is the expert....

Ok kah Jai?....

Rebuild my Thunder Tiger Pro 50H (R) Engine

The old and the new piston. Note the broken piston. Broken at the side. Still don't know the reason why....

The original part from Thunder Tiger, a new Piston for Pro-50H(R). Part no.: AN0273, ordered from Rotor Hobby S'pore.

Connecting rod and piston ring installed. I still used back the old connecting rod, piston ring, wrist pin and circlip.

Dismantled Pro-50H (R). The cylinder liner and other parts are still in good condition, so I used'm back.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009



-The PG 800 is better than Futaba GY401, same grade with Futaba GY611
- Identical design with another famous Gyro(you'll know which one I'm talking about on google), they share almost same performance, but with 1/2 of the price
Performance specification:
-PG-800 is designed for model helicopter with high accuracy, it gives you the highest standards of operational performance in affordable price.
-It provides greatly consistent yaw rates that avoid outside variables like the helicopter's rotor head speed, rotor disc loading, flight speed, wind, etc. with the aids of a premium quality sensor and a powerful controller.
-PG-800 enables you to enjoy a high performance by its excellent location capability and precision.
-It is compatible with mini electric helicopter and the grade 90 helicopter.
-It supports for varied special digital servos.
-You can update your configurations by the LCD Programmer.
Product Details

-Working voltage: 4~10V, current?60mA
-Overall dimension: 29.5mm×28mm×12.7mm
-Weight: 17.5g
-Working condition: -10~60?
-Control actuator compatibility: 1520uSec and 760uSec digital servos at 333Hz and 250Hz

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