Thursday, December 20, 2012

What is OPTO?

Opto in radio control (RC) contexts means Opto-coupler. On the ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) ie. Motor Controller, the power used to drive the motor is electrically isolated from the power used to control the servos. This is supposed to reduce radio interference between the motor and receiver as light signals are used between the motor and receiver circuits. As a result, the ESC requires separate battery packs, one of the motor and the other for the receiver and servos.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

JS TZ-V2 90 3D(belt) Helicopter assembly

Metal main shaft bearing blocks.
This TZ-V2 90 3D helicopter was not threadlock applied by the factory. So I need to disassemble then assemble it back and applied threadlock to all metal parts. Especially main rotor head and tail assembly. This is DANGEROUS!!!
The sharp edges of G10 main frame also need to be sanded smooth to prevent cables/fuel tubing from cut due to vibration.
*The clutch bell has two holes for installing governor magnets if you preferred to but you still can install the magnets under the cooling fan as well.
Very nice and slim main frame.
Belt type metal tail case

Metal tail belt pulleys as standard kit.
The metal swash plate was in 120 degrees ccpm system but you can change to 140 degrees ccpm system just by removing the short linkage ball to longer linkage ball supplied with the kit. I preferred 140 degrees ccpm for better cyclic servo movements and preciseness.
A hard solid 10mm X 220mm main shaft.
Tailboom and accessories.
105mm hard plastic tail rotor blades with plastic rotor grips.

Metal tail case.
Big & tough landing skid pipes and a quality G10 base plate.

Close-up of the metal rotor head. 95%  of the parts are metal. The stock wash out levers were made of plastic so I change with the metal wash out levers from Jingshi TZ50  found in my trash box.
A completed kit with and without canopy.

Unboxing Jingshi TZ_V2 90 3D Helicopter 4th February 2012

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