Monday, July 21, 2008

Maiden Flight: My Extra 300 flies at last.....

* Pictures below taken during the 2nd day trial

Fueled-up, wing and canopy attached

Firing the Super Tigre GS40

Just to make sure the elevator, ailerons and rudder are working properly before flight

My Extra 300 after take-off and trimming done

She flies great, fast and predictable.....

After the flight

Maiden Flight Report (Day #1)

Taxi and on the ground handling found to be stable and steerable for the tail dragger aiplane. Even just 3/4 throttle, the tail wheel star
ted off the ground very easily ( may be lightweight fuselage and wing construction). Surprisingly, not so much trims needed. My flying buddy Tachul did some clicks trim on the left aileron and a few clicks trim on the up elevator to make it level. For me the CG given was just right. No nose or tail heavy noticed. Did some figure of eights. The airspeed getting low, I suspected overheated engine as it was in the cowling. The engine almost quit for the first flight (lean and not much smoke can be seen) and landed to tune it right. During touch-down, the landing gear stuck in the sand and flipped over. Just a bent landing gear and restraightened back. The second flight, the engine quits and did the dead stick landing - still lean problem. Open the needle valve a few clicks and restarted back and did some simple maneuvers. Again the engine quits and dead stick landing smoothly but a bit far away. I quit flying that day. It was so hot and sunny. My time was almost 1.30 PM..!! Packed up everything and went home. At home again I readjusted the needle valve. Again I opened the needle valve 1/4 turn. Restarted the engine. Pushed the throttle stick to maximum, I pointed the nose up and down for 10 seconds and no signed of engine rpm drop rapidly observed.
I think the engine was tuned to over its optimum setting now. Lets see the next day.....

Maiden Flight Report (Day#2)

Wind speed was moderate. I set the timer for 15 minutes. I taxi and took-off the ground very easily. This time I noticed the airspeed increased more and the Extra 300 flies so fast even at half throttle!! I did some figure of eights, rolls, loops, knife edges and inverted flights. Now the engine responded well to my command....
After my timer beeps, I started do a landing approached. Again the landing gear stuck in the sand, lucky again no damaged found. The Super Tigre GS40 consumed less fuel with 360cc fuel tank. In 15 minutes flight, I still had about half tank of fuel left. I think I can fly for 20 to 25 minutes. I will try it for the next flight. I used the 6 X 9 prop (before 10 X 7) With 10 X 7 prop the engine seems to be overloaded and responded a bit slow from low to high throttle. I am very happy flying this Extra 300 from The world Models. I rated this Extra 300 4 stars out of 5 stars because I don't really liked the covering.... Easily corrogated under the hot sun. May be need to be ironed again.

Radio System: Airtronics RD6000 Sport, FM/PPM
Channel: 37 ( FM Dual Conv. 72.530MHz)
Engine: Super Tigre GS-40 Ringed
D/R1: 100%, D/R2: 115%, Expo: 35%
D/R1: 110%, D/R2:115%, Expo: 40%
EPA 70/70

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday morning 20.7.2008

Bulih tahan bro Achoy ah....

Inverted, grenti tu bro......

Macam director Ahmad Nisfu la.....

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Just for fun at Perumahan area Lumut 13.7.2008

Yanrc's foamies..... Fly great.....

Apa dirundingkan tu bro?

Bros, macam pitcrews kamu ah...

Berapa setumpok heli ah?...

Ultraman to be in action...........

Large area but sandy

Axenz with his Zagi preparation

The flying car, pilot: Yanrc

Lawn mower foamy.....

Yanrc's Trex 600N

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